1. What are some basic reasons for choosing a metal roof instead of shingle?

One simple word: Value

Here are a few of the basic questions that people ask

How long will the Metal last?

While most Shingles are sold at a 30-50 year guarantee, it’s not uncommon to see them go bad at only 15-20 years. Most of the old metal Standing Seam roofs that we have replaced, with our metal, came close to hitting their 100 year mark! Surpassing Shingles by at least 80 years


When will I have to re-paint my Metal?

Our Sil-Poly paint comes with a 40yr. Pro-Rated Warranty. While the Kynar paint is a 35yr. Non-Pro-Rated Warranty. At which point, if you wish to re-paint your metal, it will be at a considerably lower cost, as opposed to an entire roof replacement.


What are some differences between the AG Rib and Standing Seam? 

1. Price

AG Rib: Due to thinner metal, less expensive paint, and a simpler installation process, compared to Standing Seam, our 29Ga AG Rib is your least expensive option.

Standing Seam: Standing Seam has a higher quality paint finish, and a very intricate installation process. All of the trims and edges are folded, and interlocked, taking more time but allowing for a more weather tight installation.

2. Turnover Time

AG Rib: Any AG Rib order (stock color) can be processed within 24 hours.

Standing Seam: Typically 7-14 day lead time. (Depending on color selection)

3. Application

AG Rib: The AG Rib is installed using an Overlay system. (Fastening the Metal, on the outside, with rubber washer screws.)

Standing Seam: Our Standing Seam is installed using a Snap-Lock and Concealed Fasteners system. Also by using Interlocking Trims, we can ensure your house will be weather-tight.

Can the Metal be installed over existing Shingles?

Yes, both styles of metal can be installed over existing shingles, using 1×4’s or 3/8” foam underlayment. Although to ensure you get the best performance and life-span from your metal, it is recommended to install the metal directly on the roof, with synthetic underlayment.


Does the difference in Metal thickness make for better performance?

Yes, a thicker metal will perform, and appear, better. A couple such improvements are:

• Better Hail Resistance

• Less Sound

• Better Heat Resistance

• Less Oil Canning

Basic reasons for choosing to put up a Metal Roof compared to Shingle


While most Shingles are sold as a 30- to 50-year shingle it is common for them to only last 15 to 20 years. If you doubt this ask yourself how old the shingles are that you’re replacing.

Okay, so does metal measure up? By speaking for its self! Almost all of the Standing Seam (Metal) roofs that we have replaced have hit close to the 100 mark! surpassing shingles by at least 80 years!

The paint on the metal comes with a 35- to 40-year warranty that covers fading and cracking of the paint.


The other big difference is COST EFFECTIVENESS:

While the initial cost of a metal roof is more than shingle one it makes up for it with longevity. For instance if you spend $10,000 for a shingle roof that lasts you 15 to 20 years compared to spending $18 to $20,000 for standing seam that will last you 40 + years. Ten thousand dollars over 20 years is $500 per year, $20,000 over 40 years is also $500 a year, so if you’re going to install two shingle roofs over a 40 year span you are now paying $1,000 per year. Therefore, at the end of the day standing seam is actually cheaper in the long run. You can also get 29-gauge Ag Panel for barns and garages that is even more cost effective (comparable to shingle prices).

What are some of the differences between Standing Seam and Ag Rib?

  1. A. Pricing: the 29-gauge Ag Rib is more cost effective not only because the metal is thinner but also because the labor is less intensive than standing seam. However, it is not comparable to the hundred year standing seam roofs that you see today on old farm houses when it comes to performance. The reason being that it is an overlay system rather than a snap lock system, it is also applied using a screw through system rather than a concealed fastener system, which makes it much easier to install, but cuts down on ‘weatherability’ and also the appearance.
  2. B. Turnover time. Any orders of in stock colors of Ag Rib can be processed for Pickup / Delivery within 24 hours, while the standing seam has a roughly 2 week lead time depending on color selection.
  3. C. Application. 29-Gauge is quickly and easily installed with rubber washer screws. While it can be installed over existing shingles by putting down 1x4s or a 3/8″ foam underlayment, however it is better to install it directly on a synthetic underlayment over OSB, plywood, or sheeting boards.


How does the Metal compare to Shingles when it comes to heating and cooling?

Actually the Metal Roof is cooler! With today’s paint process, it causes the paint to REFLECT the sun’s rays, instead of ABSORBING it the way asphalt does.


I live in a heavy snow area, is it possible to keep the snow from sliding off my roof?

With one of our various snow-stops, that install directly onto your metal, you will have no snow piling around the sides of your house, or on your sidewalks!


Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my Metal Roof?

If you live in a dusty or wooded area, a light washing in the spring will keep the debris from building up on your roof. Keep in mind, however, that walking or working on a finished roof may cause minor scratching.

Can I put Sky-Lights in my Metal Roof?

We offer special sky-light flashing kits for all our roofing products. However, these areas should be given extra attention by the installer.


I have a Gazebo, and would like to put Metal on its round, cone-shaped roof. Is that possible?

Yes! With our automated machines and computerized brakes, even the most complicated shape is possible!


Who can I call to ensure my Metal is installed correctly?

If you call our office in Holmesville, 330-674-7051, we will get you connected with one of our certified installers. You can rest assured, your New Roof will last you a Lifetime!