Homeowner returns Home to Architects Original Design with Standing Seam Roof

Homeowner returns Home to Architects Original Design with Standing Seam Roof

As I drove into the lane, my first thought was how nice and secluded the home was. Tucked in among the trees overlooking a rolling valley was a home that struck me with unique architecture and design.standing-seam-pond When I discussed with the homeowner (who prefers not to be named ) about why she chose to replace her roof with the 26ga Low Gloss Standing Seam. She informed me that she recently purchased the home, and knew at that point that there were several leaks. Although the leaks made the project urgent, there were several reasons that led her to the decision to not install asphalt shingles.

The first  reason was that the original architect had designed the home with Standing Seam in mind. The entire home was designed for efficiency and simplicity, and the Standing Seam roofing system fits very well with that. I also considered environmental factors involved with installing another asphalt shingle roof she said, taking care of our environment is important to me, and to think of those shingles only lasting 10 to 15 years, and then ending up in a landfill was not a good thought. The energy factor of metal roofing when compared to asphalt also came into play.


The customer informed me that she had set up a meeting with the original architect and also the builder of the home. After she had discussed all the options with them, she came to realize that the cost  for the Standing Seam was really not that much more after all the benefits were considered. It really comes down to value of the Standing Seam roofing system.The installers did a good job, and I am very pleased with the finished product. I am so glad that I chose to go this route.metal-roofing


Textured 3D Standing Seam, installed at Tranquil Acres


Textured 3D Standing Seam, installed at Tranquil Acres

 Several months ago Jesse & Dorothy Steiner realized that the time had come when the roof on their home was needing a replacement. After looking at many of the different Metal Roofing options that  are available, they chose to go with the 16” wide Textured 3D Standing Seam. The Textured 3D Standing Seam was the roofing of choice for them for many reasons, including the reduced glare of the metal, and the hidden fastener system.Textured 3D Standing Seam

When the time came to choose the installers for the roof replacement Jesse chose to hire ‘Yoder Family Roofing and Seamless Spouting’ to do the project. “They did a Super Job” said Jesse, “Everything was cleaned up and the project looked great when they left. They installed the Roofing with care and professionalism, and this roof will last for a lifetime.


3D Textured Standing Seam  When I asked Jesse regarding what he does in his spare time, I discovered that he has a  lot to keep himself busy. His main occupation is his business, Tranquil Acres Cabins, which is located on the premises.

These three beautiful cabins are surrounded by forest, and fields in the middle of Amish Country; they feature Gas-Fireplaces and Knotty Wood Paneling. These TV free Cabins also come with a cozy Living room, Bedroom and Kitchenette; perfect for someone who is looking to get away from the busy rat-race of life, and spend a weekend soaking up the beauty of the forest, and surrounding Amish County. “We even have locals come and spend a night or two” said Jesse. There is a pond for catch and  release fishing and also hiking trails, and a small mini farm. Jesse is well versed in the local Holmes county area, and will be able to give recommendations for local activities and events. You can find out all the details at http://www.tranquilacrescabins.com and book your own getaway.


Textured 3D Standing Seam

We really enjoyed working with Jesse and Dorothy and also Yoder Family Roofing with this project and look forward to working with them in the future.


Five Mistakes people make when comparing Steel Roofing or Siding

Five Mistakes people make when comparing Steel Roofing or Siding

Knowledge is key when the time comes to compare products, and many times it is hard to find the information that you need. Here at Classic Metals, our belief is that we want to provide all the information that you need to make an informed decision, and to help you walk through the process.

Material SubstrateGalvalume vs Galvanized

The substrate that steel panels are made of, is an integral part of the product and will affect the longevity of the steel. The two most common Substrates are Galvanized and Galvalume. Galvanized is basically steel that is hot dipped in zinc, and one of the main drawbacks is that the zinc coating can easily be scratched off. Galvalume is essentially a 55% aluminum to 45% zinc alloy coated sheet steel.  This blend is what makes it different than Galvanized Steel which is covered with a zinc-only coating. Galvalume Steel can be expected to provide at least TWICE the service life of traditional zinc-coatings of similar coating thickness under the same exposure conditions. This has been proven by actual exposure tests using flat coupon samples, conducted over 36 years in the U.S.A. and 15 years in Canada. These tests show that Galvalume has at least TWICE the service life versus Galvanized.

Thickness of the steel

The thickness of the steel is an important consideration when you are comparing steel roofing and siding, however, most people do not realize how the thickness is measured and how some manufacturers use this to their advantage. Steel is measured in gauges and the smaller the gauge, the thicker the steel. Typically the thicker the steel, the more rigid the panel, and a longer lifespan is expected. Each gauge of steel has a range, so if the final thickness of the product, including paint, falls into a certain range, it is considered that gauge. Sometimes, steel manufacturers use this to their advantage and apply a slightly thicker layer of paint to either the top or even the bottom of the panel, and this allows them to classify the final product as a thicker gauge, while the longevity and stiffness of the panel have not changed. The only way that you can be sure of the thickness of the steel material, is to request the thickness of the steel, BEFORE the paint, is applied.

Paint Warranty’s

So much could be said regarding paint and the warranty that is associated with it, but as always with warrantys, read the fine print. Things that you want to look for, is overall life does the warranty pro-rate, are fading and chalking conditions that are under warranty, and if so, how much is tolerated. There are a lot of fine details that we could get into, but the main thing that you want to remember is that the paint on the steel is the main product that protects the steel and gives it the long life expectancy that it has. If you take a shortcut on the paint, it will have a major effect on the steel’s overall performance.

Trim Thickness

When you are discussing options with your installer or steel supplier, be sure and confirm that they manufacture the trims that you will need, out of the same steel as the panels. This is a common area that suppliers can cut costs and use 29 gauge trims on a 26 gauge roof for example. This is not only a unnecessary cutting of corners, it can lead to uneven fading of trims verses panels.

Hidden fastener design on Standing SeamS6302401

The Standing Seam roofing system was designed to provide a roofing system that would last a lifetime, and would not have any exposed screws that have washers that are susceptible to mother nature. As time has gone on there are many installers that in an effort to cut costs, they have reverted to using trims that are exposed fastened to the standing seam panel. This not only ruins the clean appearance of the roofing system, it introduces a great potential for leaks, and restricts the roofing from performing as it should. All trims that are used on a Standing Seam roof, should be designed in such a way that they are installed without any exposed fasteners. Don’t let your installer tell you otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding metal roofing or siding or would like additional help with a project, give us a call at 330-674-7051 or visit our website at www.classicmetals.com


The information provided is for reference only and may change without notice